HOW-TO Add header and/or footer to a report

You have two different ways to achieve this task:

1) Use the AutoText feature (recommended)

2) Use a Custom Template as shown above, and add the info to the Report Builder, like this:

DynamicReportBuilder drb = new DynamicReportBuilder();
//ReportBuilder initialization


//Assuming you added $P{header} and $P{footer} as content for the textfields used as header and footer,
//you must add their content:
Map parameters = new HashMap();
params.put("header","<my header message>");
params.put("footer","<my footer message>");
//Creates the JasperPrint, using the parameters map
JasperPrint jp = DynamicJasperHelper.generateJasperPrint(dr, new ClassicLayoutManager(), ds, parameters );

Refer to TemplateFileReportTest for a working example. Here you can see the used jrxml: download

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