HOW-TO Integrate DynamicJasper with Webwork

Webwork actually integrates with Jasper Reports through the JasperReportsResult result-type, we extended this class to support DynamicJasper also.

Firt you have to register the dynamic-jasper result-type in you xwork.xml like this

    <result-type name="dynamic-jasper" class=""/>

Later in you action definition, the configuration

<action name="myAcion"  class="myActionClass" method="myMethod">
        <result name="success" type="dynamic-jasper">
                 <param name="dynamicReport">myDynamicReport</param>
                 <param name="dataSource">datasource</param>
                 <param name="layoutManager">classic</param>
                 <param name="parameters">params</param>
                 <param name="documentName">The_final_name_of_the_file</param>
                 <param name="contentDisposition">application/download</param>
                 <param name="format">PDF</param>


  • dynamicReport: Name of the Action property which holds the DynamicReport to use.
  • format: which tells the output format to generate. Valid values are PDF (default), CSV, HTML, XLS and XML. Expressions like ${format} are valid.
  • dataSource: (Optional) Name of the the action property that holds the data source to use. This Action property must be of the type of one of these supported classes:
    • JRDataSource: Any implementation
    • Collection
    • Object arrays: Object[]
    • javax.sql.ResultSetIf the type you need is not here (e.g: XML), the use JRDataSource and make sure your Action provides the proper implementation
  • layoutManager: Defines the layout manager to use. The default value is classic (ClassicLayoutManager).Other possible values are:
    • classic: To use ClassicLayoutManager
    • list: To use ListLayoutManager
    • Fully qualified java name: instantiates the specified class (must implement the LayoutManager interface)
    • ${expresion}: evaluates the content of the expression (relative to Action instance). The expression must return classic, list, a LayoutManager object, or a fully qualified Java class of an implementation
  • parameters: (Optional) The name of an Action property which holds a java.util.Map with the report parameters (besides all the accessible Action properties).
    NOTE: Available parameters will be: (in the following order)

    1.- Action’s parameters map (if defined in webwork’s action result)
    2.- Action’s accessible properties

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