HOW-TO Use conditional Styles

ConditionaStyle are the combinations of a style and a CustomExpression (a subclass of it: ConditionStyleExpression)
What’s important to understand about how conditional styles works is:

  • A conditional style consists of a base style, and a list of other possible style to apply (child styles), each of them bounded to a ConditionStyleExpression object to be evaluated.
  • The final style applied to an element will be the merge of the base style and the 1st style whose condition returned true
  • All not null properties on the child style will override the ones at the base style.

Example of usage

Suppose you need a Column that contains numerical values. If you want to use conditional styles (in order to have different colors depending on the value, for example) you can do this:

StatusLightCondition is a particular class for that purpose, you may want to implement your own ConditionStyleExpression class.

//Create some styles
Style style0 = new Style();
Style style1 = new Style();

//Create some conditions
StatusLightCondition status0 = new StatusLightCondition(new Double(0), new Double(5000));
StatusLightCondition status1 = new StatusLightCondition(new Double(5000), new Double(7000));

//Create the conditional styles, and add them to an Array List
ArrayList conditionalStyles = new ArrayList();
conditionalStyles.add(new ConditionalStyle(status0,style0));
conditionalStyles.add(new ConditionalStyle(status1,style1));

ColumnBuilder cb = ColumnBuilder.getNew();
//Builder initialization


This code generates a report like this:

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Refer to ConditionalStylesReportTest for a working example.

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