Changes in 4.0 version include:

  • DJ now requires JasperReport 4.1.1+
  • Removed support to JDK 1.5. Now compiled against JDK 1.6
  • Removed dependency with POI-3.5-FINAL. We now use POI from JasperReports dependency
  • Added test dependency to DynamicJasper-core-fonts-1.0 in order to prevent missing fonts. Fonts added are: Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, Comic Sans MS, Georgia, Verdana, Monospaced.
  • Fixed problem with custom expression in subreport: (see forum entry) ,The test SubReportBuilder3Test demostrates how it works properly
  • Fixed problem with border colors (see issue) ,The test StylesReportTest demostrates how it works properly.

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