For both series 4.x and 3.x we have a new version which solves some issues and add some new features.

FOR BOTH RELEASES 4.0.2 and 3.2.5 – 2012-08-11

  • Applied this fix to group footer height calculation: (Martin D’Aloia (from github))
  • fix duplicated parameter name when: Two Subreports with Hyperlink columns. See SubReportRecursive2Test Fixes 3548312. Thanks to Prasad Babu ( prasad1982 ). (Juan Manuel Alvarez)
  • you can now set report languaje to java, groovy or javascript (Patel, Dipesh)
  • We can now specify columns data and header markup. See ColumnBuilder.setMarkup(…) and ColumnBuilder.setHeaderMarkup(…). Also see ColumnMarkupFastReportTest (Patel, Dipesh)
  • Expression Columns in charts. Now adding a test: ExpressionColumnInChartTest  (Patel, Dipesh)

Remember that DJ 4.x workrs with JasperReports 4.1+ and DJ 3.x works with JR up to 4.0

Download it from

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