DynamicJasper 5.3.6 released!

This version introduced many pull request from amazing collaborators!

New features:
- add OSGI headers to MANIFEST.MF https://github.com/intive-FDV/DynamicJasper/pull/132 
- remove apache common collections https://github.com/intive-FDV/DynamicJasper/pull/130 
- fix compatibility with jasperreport 6.19.1 https://github.com/intive-FDV/DynamicJasper/pull/129 
- allow the ability to specify incrementerFactoryClass on groupings: https://github.com/intive-FDV/DynamicJasper/pull/83 
- allow for crosstabs in summary band: https://github.com/intive-FDV/DynamicJasper/pull/70 
- Use main datasource directly for crosstabs that ask for it: https://github.com/intive-FDV/DynamicJasper/pull/69/ 
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