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HOW-TO add a text watermark

Since DJ 5.0.4 it is possible to add basic text watermark like this     The simplest way to add it is with the DynamicReportBuilder or FastReportBuilder passing only the text (it uses default values) FastReportBuilder drb = new FastReportBuilder(); drb.addColumn(“State”, “state”, String.class.getName(),30) … .addWatermark(“TOP SECRET”) … If you want to pass more parameters such as font, color, […]

DynamicJaper 5.0.4 brings built in watermark

The DynamicJasper team is pleased to announce the DynamicJasper version 5.0.4 release! Changes in this version include ability to add watermark text on reports with simple code like this drb.addWatermark(“DRAFT”) Fixed Bugs: o Load from template honors page orientation Thanks to Andrej Jepifanow. Have fun! -DynamicJasper team

DynamicJasper 5.0.3 released

Fixed Bugs: Added support for RTF. It was missing from the very beginning Thanks to Leonid Rozenblyum. o Avoid warn message when duplicate report param if loading a tempalte file Thanks to Leonid Rozenblyum.