If you use a dependency manager such as Maven, its all handled for you, if not you may find interesting to read this.

DJ stands on JasperReports, so you will need these jars too. download Jasper Reports from SourceForge (or add the dependency with maven)

Note about different version:
DJ 5.x works with JasperReposrts 4.6+ (and 5.0+, 5.1+ and 5.2) and needs JDK 1.6
DJ 4.x workrs with JasperReports 4.1 to 4.5.x
DJ 3.0.5 works with JR 3.5 up to 4.0

Note that JasperReports need some other files in order to export the report to pdf, xls (Excel), rtf (MS Word), etc.

Below there is a list for the minimum libraries needed

Libraries to run DynamicJasper

Libraries for exporting

Other Libraries

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